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The Fableist Wine Company "Fable: 226" Reserve Verdelho 2020

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Überraschung!! Von diesem Wein haben wir nur wenige Flaschen - daher haben wir uns entschlossen: wer ihn zuerst findet, kann ihn bestellen...

Inspired by the Tortise and the Hare Fable:

A Hare one day was boasting of his speed: "No one can beat me! Especially not you, Tortise. It must take you days to travel just a mile". The Tortise, amused, accepted the challenge. 'At the starting line, the Hare sped off, laughing haughtily as he left the Tortise behind. So sure of his victory, the Hare stopped under a shady tree to nap. But the Tortise kept steady, eventually overtaking the sleeping Hare. As the Tortise neared the finish line, the startled Hare awoke and raced at full speed - but he could not overtake the victorious Tortise.' Slow and steady wins the race.

Frucht und Mineralik gehen Hand in Hand, Melone, Ananas und etwas Apfel im Hintergrund. Am Gaumen kommt etwas Ananas dazu, zitrisch klare Noten, lemon curd.

Der durchaus vorhandene Schmelz (aber ohne Holz) und der gute Zug am Gaumen lassen ihn lang nachhallen und uns gleichzeitig an den Sommer, Kräuter der Provence und indische Bananen denken.

Austern, mit dem Rücken zum Meer gegessen - das wär´s hierzu.

Aber ein großes Glas und eine große Portion Sushi ginge auch ;)

Flaschengröße (Liter): 0,75
Weingut: The Fableist
The Fableist is a collaboration between winemakers Curt Schalchlin and Andrew Jones. Curt, owner and vintner of the heralded winery Sans Liege, is known for his critically acclaimed Rhone varietal wines. Andrew, winemaker of Field Recordings, spends his days planning and planting vineyards and has stood foot in just about every vineyard on the Central Coast.
Apellation / AVA: El Pomar District, Paso Robles AVA

Vineyard(s): Pomar Junction

With our new Pomar location, we also scored a unique vineyard to go along with it. Planted adjacent to the crush pad was an experimental grape variety block planted for Ken Volk, the founder of Wild Horse, decades ago. One of our favorites in this block is the Verdelho. For those not familiar with it, Verdelho is a unique Portuguese variety that has a flavor profile similar to Sauvignon Blanc but with a touch of richness to it more like Chardonnay. I’m always surprised this variety hasn’t gone more mainstream.

Viticulture/Growing: Sustainable

Pomar Junction is one of the first vineyards to be SIP-certified (Sustainability In Practice), a program whose standards are addressed in the many interrelated elements of the whole farm system: habitat conservation, energy efficiency, pest management, water conservation, economic stability, and human resources are some of the key elements of the program. The SIP Certification standards look at the farm in its entirety: the worker, soil fertility, cover crops, wildlife, native plants, irrigation, and more.

Rebsorten: 100% Verdelho

Barrique? No, Aged in Stainless Steel for 6 months

Alkohol % vol.: 13,5

Säure g/l: 7

Restzucker g/l: <0.5 (none)
pH: 3,35
Schwefel mg/l frei(total): 33(87)
Haltbarkeit: jetzt bis 2027
Allergene: Enthält Sulfite
Verschluss: Kork
The Inspiration: Each bottle has been artfully designed and inspired by one of Aesop’s many fables. Just as each of his timeless vignettes has a moral, we believe that every blend has its own story to tell, its own lessons to teach. There’s something profound about wine; it can inspire, bring loved ones together, fill hearts with warmth. As you enjoy each glass, we hope these stories spark a desire to ponder what really matters in life — and may they encourage you to find the wisdom within yourself.
Abfüller: The Fableist Wine Company, Templeton, CA, USA
Importeur und verantwortlicher Lebensmittelunternehmer: Apell Weine, Martin Apell, Ahnatalstrasse 114 A, 34128 Kassel, Deutschland

Made by Curt Schalchlin

Winemaker´s Comment: "Memories of warm summer days await, with refreshing notes of freshly cut melon, hints of ginger and pineapple. With such a bright, clean finish on the palate, this wine is the perfect

pairing for beach trips or afternoons on the lake."

Your favourite recipe for this wine:

Fresh Oysters w/ a side of lemon